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               We Provide a Variety of Training Services!


                                                                                                    It's Time to Shape Up and Be Fit for Life!

                                                                              We believe YOUR Life and YOUR Best Game is at stake. 

                                                                                    Train with PST Today for all YOUR Fitness Goals:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      strength and condition, general health and wellness, and more. 

                                                                            We customize workouts that will take you to YOUR Limits.

                                                                  Our training goals are to take you to YOUR Best, so you get Fit For Life!






Sport Specific!
Jaire #81 Defensive End

(@ 13yrs old)    -------->

 Fitness for Kids!



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    Fitness for Seniors!
 Boot Camp!













 Cable Chest Press & Lunge   Step Combo 



College & Professional Athletes! 




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