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Client since 2007






Achariya Peter (74 years old)                     Bent Over Row on Bosu                   Cardio on True Strider                       DB Curl with Box Step  

Recommendation of Harold Harris as your personal trainer:

I highly and eagerly recommend Harold as personal trainer to anyone who wants to improve his physical appearance, lose weight, build stamina, strength and muscle mass, and may strive for definition.  He is highly skilled.  I can bear personal witness to great improvements in those areas, since I have been with him for several years.

Harold always keeps you stimulated and motivated to improve, for his positive attitude and diligence in developing ever better work-out routines tailored to your particular needs is most helpful and inspiring; besides he has charming personality, and he is easy to work with.  He makes sure that you do every exercises correctly.  This would be difficult to monitor if you were to work out on your own.  He powerfully helps you get motivated to work out on a regular basis.  I have seen great improvements physically in terms of developing strong muscles, stamina, loss of body fat and overcoming lower back pain through corrective stretching and strengthening exercises.  I highly recommend Harold as personal trainer for anyone who takes physical well-being, exercise and body building seriously.  I am also thankful that we have become good friends.

With deep appreciation...











Client since October 2009




Marina Pou Lynch


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Our clients include:
Business owners                                                                                 JCC Board Member Former Presidents                                          JCC Associate VP                                                                                JCC Staff and Family                                                              Orthopediac Surgeon                    Pediatrition                                                                                    Emergency Room Surgeons Nurses                                                                                     Lawyers                                                                                         Religious leaders                      Psychotherapist                                                                            Physical Therapist                                                                               BCC Teachers' Union President                                                      BCC Assistant Principal                                                                   MPTV Executive                                                                                Young, College and Professional Athletes                            Beginner and Advance Exercisers                                              Sports Coaches         





                                      Here's what other clients say about training with Harold...

Inspired to Live Life to the Fullest, Running Far and Doing Missionary Work in Far Away Places!

Client since November 2009


              Bench Press      Leg Press




          Kevin F.                                                                          












Client since May 2009





Greg Hatza (64 yrs old)

                                                                   Harold has been training me for the last six months, and since then I have seen more noticeable changes in body composition and    muscularity than all my the past 25 years of working out in gyms by myself.  My workout routines are always challenging and productive.  I would highly recommend Harold to anyone who is interested in real body building results.









Empowering Your Mind, Body, and Soul to Live Life Strong!


             Being Fit Increases Your Energy Levels, which Helps You Celebrate Life to It's Fullest!









 Former Client 2007

                                                        Susanne Martin

                                                        I was very pleased with my personal training sessions with Harold.  He set up a 

                                                        customized work-out program at my pace, in order to assist me with my personal

                                                        fitness goals.  I lost approximately 5 pounds after only 3 sessions!  He was very


                                                        thorough in making sure that I used the equipment correctly.  He set up a personal fitness program for me, which was comprehensive, and allowed for variety, so that it wouldn't become mundane. He works very hard with you, and genuinely cares.  He has a nice balance of warmness and professionalism.  I highly recommend him.


Client since June 2009



      1rst Duathlon!!



          Cheryl Boone

1rst Half Marathon!!

Not anyone can take on a project like I gave to Harold. I came to Harold 3 1/2 weeks before a duathlon in July to get me shape to run. I could not even run a mile without having to walk. He not only whipped me in shape, worked with strengthening the muscles around the knee and ankle. He also gave me nutritional tips, running tips, and tips from his own triathlon experience. Five months later I am training for a 1/2 Marathon in Dec and decreasing my mile time. I now look forward to working out because each week's training's are never the same. He is motivating and fun to work with.
Using A Trainer Keeps Me Accountable to Self and Keeping Fit!

Client since November 2009






  Sonia Diamond (84 years old)



  I am 84 years old and believe it or not, still work out at the fitness center twice a week.   My personal trainer, Harold Harris, has created special program for me to  improve my flexibility, muscle strength and joint range of motion.  His program has also helped me sty positive and energetic throughout the day, and his personality is very encouraging.  Without his dedication and attention to my personal needs, I wouldn't feel as good as I do today.  Thank you, Harold!




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