8/19/13 Randi B has tuned in to a great cardio regiment on her vacation.  She ran 5miles on first day.  She biked 14mile and 2.5mile run to top it off the second day.

8/19/13 Ya Eric P went on the family vacation and somehow gained 6lbs. After hours of cardio burning an avg 950 cals/ hr at gym for the past few days, he has lost 2lbs.  Great Job!

8/14/13 Meryl G is definitely making it back.  She had a pretty tough 30min workout today.

8/14/13 Jonas W exclaimed he is loves his intense full body workout in 30min.  I think it may be too tough, he keeps pushing through his challenges.

8/12/13 Gila E finally got on the scale over wknd and reports she has lost 4lbs in prep for Amanda E's wedding in 7months.  Her oldest daughter noticed she is loosing inches too.

8/12/13 Eric P and family taking a week vacation at the beach.  He reports he is still training daily on the beach while having lots of family fun!

8/8/13 Eric P lost a hard earned 3lbs this wk!  He always has great workout burning an avg of 975 calories every other day.

8/7/13 Nat S is having good 30min workouts and showed great discipline in not consuming a homemade pizza before our workout.. Wow!

8/7/13 Jonas W is on full throttle doing 30min cardio leaving a pool of sweet under his elliptical before our 30min intense full body workout!!

8/7/13 I am excited many folks are walking, doing their exercises, and watching their calories daily!

8/7/13 Ben S incline benched 4x85lbs!!  And impressed his wife by press her and child up lying on his back.

8/7/13 Meryl G is back!  One of my first P30x folks almost four years ago.

8/7/13 Ellen is back working out!

8/6/13 Amanda E is training hard and nutrition is working.   She is feeling the inches shading off for her wedding in eight months.

8/6/13 Cindy N lost another  5lbs (113lbs) in four wks.

8/5/13 Mitch G is progressing quite well and building good muscle.  His mom is very impressed after two weeks of solid training.

8/1/13 Louis M has lost 9lbs in three months of training with me.  He notes he has cleaned up and cut his back his calorie intake.  But noticed he looses more wt after eating big salads.

8/1/13  Comment of the Day "Harold you deserve every client you get.  I don't see anyone who works as hard as you do...."

7/31/13 Daniel R increased his flat bench press from 1rep x 70lbs to 6reps x 95lbs.

7/31/13 Ben S reported he benched 215lb on the seated chest press earlier this wk.  He also lost 1lb.  He did 80lbs on incline db press and he bicep curled 100lbs (plates).

7/31/13 Danny G increased his lat pull down to 180lbs and his bench press from 155 to 205lbs.

7/31/13  Stanley A expressed he hadn't worked in a wk, had a chance to relax after a day of golfing with friends, and decided he'd better workout in prep for our Friday's session.

7/30/13 Congrats to Joel M for biking 23miles today!  He is overcoming in eliminating running from his workouts to start biking two wks ago. 

7/29/13 Mitch G is back for some more intense training for a week before returning to Univ Maryland.  Thanks!!

7/30/13  Lisa B is always training hard.  She is amazing!  Bicep curling 45lbs in February and last month squatted me (210lbs) on her back 10x's after lunging 40yds!!

7/20/13  Please review notes for 7th Annual Strength and Condition Athletic Development Conference by Smarter Teaming Training at FX Studio

7/19/13 Danny G increased his incline bench press to 185lbs.

7/19/13 Randi B lost 8lbs in four weeks.  It clicked and she just decided to prepare her foods daily and eat right.  Randi eats protein bars, lots of vegetables, isogenic, and lots of water.

7/18/13 Eric P lost another 1lb (226lbs) this week.

7/17/13 Robin Roberts (Authur Ash Courage Award Recipient) at the 2013 ESPY awards "when fear knocks let faith open the door".

7/17/13 Ben S reports he has refocused on wt watchers two wks ago.  He lost 2lbs in three days (185lbs) by adding points compensating for his exercising versus recommended daily points from no exercising.

7/17/13 Susan S was excited to tell me she outlasted her husband dancing over the weekend and could dance a lot longer!!  She has been taking my Wed boot camp for six months.  This shows she has improved greatly in cardiovascular and physical systems.  Became more energetic and electrifying on the dance floor.

7/16/13 Nate C has lost 4lbs in the last three wks.

7/16/13 An older member (77yrs) of the gym paid me a huge compliment.  I was one of the best, most professional, considerate, personable, diverse, and skilled trainer he as ever seen.

7/15/13 Arnie W lost 4lbs and Barbara W lost 1lb while vacationing in the mountains of Colorado with family.  They hiked, mountain biked, and moderated their eating.  Great job!!

7/10/13 Danny G, junior high school basketball and soccer star,  increased his dumbbell flat bench press to 80lbs and V-squat 540lbs.

7/5/13 Eric P reported he lost another belt loop.

7/2/13 This week begins another summer with Harold Fit Bootcamp classes:  Tues (2), Wed (1), and Thurs (3)!!

7/2/13 Dan N lost a three belt loops and 18lbs since April '13 and Cindy N lost 12lbs since March '13They do my group training twice a week and they are committed to 10k to 15k steps per day using their Fit Bit Zip religiously.  Cindy is feeling good and has that tight core like her college days.  They are eating better and almost half the portions the use to.

6/27/13 David M benched pressed 170lbs one day before his 75th bday!!  Every year our goal is to bench press his age plus 100.

3/18/13 Congrats to all my fit bootcamps!  We are working hard,  and making wellness, fitness and nutritional changes daily.

3/14/13 Eric P lost another 1lb this week.

3/11/13 Eric P reported he lost another belt loop.  We ran 2.50 miles and walked .50 tday.

3/10/13 Randi B is up to 8mile runs now.

3/7/13 Eric P dropped another 2.5lbs (at 233) this week. 

3/1/13 Barbara W has been training for a couple months now and doctor reported she has lost body fat.

2/28/13 Eric P is rocked the boat this week!!  Punched another hole in his belt!  LOST 5.5lbs (at 235.5) this week.

2/27/13 Eric P six weeks ago went from (3) wt days and  (3) cardio days, to four weeks ago to (2) wt days and (4) cardio days, to last week changing to (1) wt days and (5) cardio days, and next week we'll change to (6) cardio days.  He is burning calories off like crazy, (500 cals per 30min and 730 cals per 45min)!!!  He is maintaining a great nutrition regiment, (approx 650 to 1300 calorie intake).

2/24/13 Randi B is back from a great family vacation in Colorado.  She is healthy and back to her triathlon training.  Today she ran 6.6miles!!

2/22/13 Dave C has lost 20lbs in New year!!

 2/21/13 Eric P lost 2lbs this week.  He is working hard and he is getting results.  He and family are changing up their nutrition and its working. 

2/13/13 Ben S is back from his sabbatical in Cuba.  He still exercised, enjoyed the trip, and maintained his weight.

2/13/13 Wendy B is super pumped with her 8.4bls in two months and very noticeable inches off her waste.  Great job!!

2/12/13 David M lost 10lbs this year down to 238 and Eric N. 34lbs at 247.

2/10/13 Eric P lost 1 pound this week.  We are sticking to one day wts and five to six days of cardio.

2/4/13 Many blessings to Randi B, Arnie and Barbara W, and family as they journey west for a family ski trip.  Arnie and Barb has trained diligently twice weekly to prep for this trip.

2/3/13 Eric P has last another half pound.

1.29/13 Harold Fit Bootcamp starts today  at 9a.

1/21/13 Stanly L has lost another 2.5 lbs this last week.  Way to go!!  We missed a workout last week, however, he continues to change his meal plans. 

1/18/13 Marty S and Gil L both lost pounds  (3 and 4 lbs) in last couple weeks from Metagenics Detox program.

1/14/13 Stanley L has lost 2 lbs (now 238.5 lbs)  this week.  Excellent!  Keep given me and dropping them pounds.

1/11/13 Harold Fit Bootcamp is now running at (6) different times: 

Tuesday 5:30a, 7:00p and 8:00p, Wednesday 6:00p, and Thursday 7:00p and 8:00p.

1/6/13 Wendy B has lost her 4lbs from the holidays from family trip to Ireland!

1/6/13 Ben S has changed his eating habits and lost 2lbs this last week.  And interesting enough, he increased cardio days but decreased from an hour to 45mins.  Ben is also decided to eat every 2 to 2 1/2hrs.

1/6/13 Eric P has lost inches in belt size and lost two lbs this last week.  He is putting in all the required time.  We switched to lifting weights twice  and cardio five days per week.

1/1/13 Happy Healthy New Years!

11/26/12 Harold Fit Bootcamp is now running Tuesday a.m. and p.m., Wednesday and Thurs p.m., and Friday a.m.  I encourage everyone to challenge yourself at each session to get better.

11/25/12  Congrats to Jon S, ultra marathon athlete, who ran his first 50 mile race.  You rock brotha!

9/6/12 Harold Fit Bootcamp (Thursday group) started today.  They are fun people and will be great to train.  They have Eileen B. who trained with me from June 2011 to March 30th, 2012 and lost over 60 pounds.  She stayed focused on Weight Watcher program, me, and her daily workouts.

8/31/12 Sherie G reported she has lost (7) pounds in eleven days powered by our workouts and the Dukan Diet.  Keep up the good work. 

We are on our way to major wt loss.

8/19/12 Harold Fit Bootcamp (Wednesday group) has started for a second time.  These guys are tough and exciting to train!!

8/19/12 Helene K had a spectacular swim a her first Iron Girl race!


                                      IronGirl 2012


8/12/12 Helene K has been rock'n her weight and swim training.  Today is second week in a row she set another personal swim record, 56 laps in 50mins.

Good luck at your 8/19/12 Iron Girl competition. 

Others will be inspired by your awesome poem: 


Survivor one, survivor all...?
When cancer knocks we take the call
Some of us live and some of us die
Surgery cut, radiation fry
Chemo: no hair, tired as hell
And some are blessed: We're well! We're well!

So we raise funds and want to mentor
The Claudia Mayer Cancer Resource Center
Where help, support and love abound
Where tears and laughter and hugs surround
Us as we are treated and as we give care
Please help the Center stay right there

As we swim, bike and run, please be a part
Helping those in need with your hand and your heart!

In love and gratitude,

Helene K
Iron Girl Swimmer on WheeeThreee!!! relay team


8/20/12 Good luck to long-time client Rosalyn  S, who will participate in her first half marathon, Under Amour Baltimore in Oct. with her husband.

We have been working hard and keeping on pace to accomplishing her goal every week.

5/20/12  Congrats to Chris R and his wife for competing in the rough, tough, and muddy Warrior Dash 2012.


June 2011 Kicking off my out door boot camp!  Great workout!  Contact me for location and time near you.

5/17/11 GOOD LUCK Mitch F. at your 1rst Columbia Triathlon!  Hope my 3 mo. Triathlon Training class helped...

5/6/11 Great job Eric N. for loosing 4lbs making it 51lbs, since Jan 2011.

2/22/11 Kicking off  my Triahtlon101 Training class.  One hour of swim/ bike/ run cross training.  Great workout for anyone!!

7/1/10 Good Luck to all my Boot Camp participants!  Come prepared to meet your challenge.  No excuses.

6/22/10 Welcome to all sport specific clients from area high schools, including University of Connecticut swimmer Kate B.

3/15/10 Good Luck to all my clients' training for their 2010 sporting event season!

1/8/10 Marina L-  GOOD LUCK Sunday running your 1rst marathon, "Walt Disney World"!!

12/22/09 Kevin F- Getting Results!!!  Bench Pressing 365 lbs!!

                           That' is a 50 lb increase in (7) weeks!!

12/6/09 Cheryl B- Congrats!  You finished your first 1/2 Marathon!!  Proud of ya Guuurl!

                                Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon



10/12/09 Cheryl B- Congrats! You went from running .5 miles in July to 4 miles in October.

10/11/09 Marina L- Congrats! You finished the Baltimore 1/2 Marathon.

8/08/09 Harvey J- Keep it Up! He lost 7 lbs in three weeks.

8/07/09 Art S- Congrats! He received an "ok" on last weeks stress test.

8/06/09 Jennifer G- Congrats! She lost 9 lbs in 16 days!

7/19/09 Cheryl B- Great job! She completed her 1rst Dualathlon in Philadelphia, PA!

6/14/09 Harold H- completed 1rst Kansas Ironman 70.3!

4/2009 Terrance G- That a Boy! He received a full ride football scholarship to W. Virginia!